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Silicone Edge Graphics(SEG)

Since SEG was introduced in 2008, It has quickly became the choice for large seamless graphic applications over conventional media/method of displaying and installing large graphics.

What is SEG?
SEG or Silicone Edge Graphics, are printed or dye-sublimates fabric graphics with a thin(3mm or 1/8”) strip of silicone sewn onto Its edges, to be installed onto a SEG or compatible display frame or hardware.

Why SEG?
SEG has many benefits over the traditional wooden or aluminum structures using EPVC and/or vinyl decals as the graphic media.  The advantages and benefits of SEG systems all comes down to one main benefit:  Lowered Total Show Costs. 

Light Weight
SEG graphics are made of light-weight fabrics thus saves on shipping and material handling costs.

Smaller Packed Size
SEG graphics can be easily folded and packed to smaller packed size resulting in faster fulfilment, lower packaging and shipping costs. 

Lower I&D (Installation & Dismantle) Costs
SEG system is easier and faster to install and dismantle which can dramatically reduce the I&D costs.

In summary, booths and displays adapting SEG systems can greatly reduce packing, shipping, material handling, and I&D costs therefore, reduce your total show costs.

From $5.00
SEG BLOCKOUT Black-Back Fabric
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From $6.50