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Fabric Popup Displays

Fabric Popup Display is the easiest and quickest way to setup a mural wall.  Choose between eZIBITFab SS, eZIBITFab DS, or EXPAND brand products to suite your budget.  Add a storage case to store your popup booth or a podium case with graphic for a professional looking counter. 

eZIBITFab SS fabric popup displays are available in Single-Sided(SS) only and CANNOT be converted into double-sided.  Sizes available from 5ft to 30ft wide.  This is our most economical line of fabric popup displays.

eZIBITFab DS Series fabric popup displays are the Double-Sided(DS) version of our popular eZIBITFab SS Single-Sided(SS) fabric popup displays.  Sizes available from 5ft to 10ft wide.  

EXPAND fabric displays are the best in the industry with elegant design and quality you can see and feel.  They are at premium price but you will get the industry's best lifetime warranty on their hardware.  Buy the hardware once, use it for life.
eZIBITFab SS Single-Sided
eZIBITFab DS Double-Sided
Replacement Graphics
Expand™ MediaFabric
From $489.00